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Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Way to Become an Assistant Manager

As a student, I sometimes ask myself that why I like business management? I think it influenced by my work experience since I had worked ina restaurant for many years. Working in a restaurant for six years is not a short period in my life, and I had very impress memories about it. I came to this nation when I was seventeen, and started my life ata small town in the North. Sometimes, life is likeplaying bingo; you never know what you will get next time. My plan wastotally changed after arrived here. After studying inhigh school for three months, I was forced to start working in a restaurant.

My Way to Become an Assistant Manager

From the being, I was a waitress with very little English. I only could understand some English about food, and drinks. It was a hard time for me to learn English even though I have studied English over 4 years in China. However, I told myself that I should learn more and more English for living in the US. Therefore, I started to study English at the middle nightafter working 15 hours a day. Six months later, I found that almost everyone could be a waitress if with a little English. It means everyone can do my job, so the boss can fire me at any time. When I know that I could be replaced byanyone, I started to look for stable positions. I noticed the job in kitchen. Kitchen job isessential for a restaurant, but it’s hard and skillful. If I can do a kitchen job that means nobody can replace me easily. I asked the boss for a job in the kitchen. The boss was shocked by my requirement for there are no female like to work in kitchen. However, he agreed me to work in the kitchen, but pay me lower than other people since I am a newbie. Not only the boss think I was crazy, but also other employees at the restaurant. They didn’t understand why I gave up an easy and higher payjob to work in the kitchen.

I started new job in kitchen after working as a waitress for several months. I could not describe how hard the work is in a kitchen. I need to cut a hundred pounds of vegetable and meat; cook a lot of rice and soup, deep fry hundred orders of chicken, beef, and pork every day. I worked from morning 10:30am to midnight1am every day, 6 days a week. Totally, I have to work 90 hours more or less per week, but only get very little money. Usually, there was notmuch business during the afternoon. Therefore, all waiters and waitresses were takingbreakand talking fun things.However, peoplein the kitchen were still busy preparing food for dinner time. Sometime I can hear people talking about me; they talked about why I want to get a hard job with less money. Some of them laughed at me.

Several months later, the manager of the restaurant had to quit for some personal reason. Later, the boss asked me if I would like to be the assistant manager. It was a surprise for me, and I was happy to be an assistant manager. When the boss told other people I became the assistant manager, nobody could believe it. Even though I had worked there for a year, but I was still the newest one. There are several older workers asked the boss for the assistant manager position since they had been working for the boss for many years. The boss told them that my English is better than them and I knew kitchen work too. Other waiters and waitresses complained about my promotion too. They said that my English was not as good as someofthem and they were all older than me. However, the boss said they could be managersif they knew how to cook food and make special sauces. Obviously, no one of them knew how to cook dishes and prepare food.

Therefore, I became the assistant manager.

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